New York police help couple find engagement ring which fell down grate near Times Square in 2nd incident of its type in recent months

Police in New York City have recovered an engagement ring from a sewer near Times Square just weeks after helping a British couple who faced a similar predicament.

Officers in the Big Apple said they helped a couple ring in the New Year by reuniting them with the precious metal band, which was dropped down a sewer grate on Thursday.

Authorities noticed the ring in a grate and recovered it with the help of the fire department and a police emergency services unit, before the couple was reunited with their ring on Friday.

This was the first engagement ring recovered in 2019 and echoes an incident where the NYPD found another engagement ring last month.

The ring was lost near Times Square (Unsplash)

Daniella Anthony and John Drennan were in Times Square when the jewellery slipped off and fell out down a grate on November 30.

They returned home to Peterborough thinking they would never see it again.

However, it was given back to the couple on Ellen DeGeneres’ popular US TV show in December. 

Couple Meets NYPD Detectives Who Found Missing Engagement Ring

Footage had emerged of the moment the ring was dropped, before New York Police then found it and went on a desperate bid to find the ring.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, the pair shared their heartbreak at what happened.

Ms Anthony said: “So many people stopped to console us.

“I was heartbroken.”

Mr Drennan added: “It slips off, in slow motion I can still visualise this.

“Bounces once, bounces twice and right into that grate.

“I never want to see Daniella that upset again in my life

“From joy and happiness to absolute devastation.”

After reuniting the pair with the officers who found it, Ms DeGeneres said the reunion “shows you all the good in the world right now.”

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