British company enters the mining market

The mining industry is about to welcome a new company. RDTR Capital, the London based company, is expected to open their center within the next coming weeks. The company will have a primary datacenter that will be in London and will mine bitcoin exclusively with the potential to mine other coins in the future. They will have a team of technical experts that will manage the servers and facilitate a optimized system. Being one of the few mining companies they altered their business plan to cloud mining.
What is mining
Mining is the gateway to acquiring bitcoin. Without it, there is no bitcoin. Mining companies use special computers or mining rigs as they are referred to. With these rigs they run a software to solve an algorithm to create a blockchain. These blockchains are the basis of cryptocurrency. Once a bitcoin is mined, they have the responsibility of confirming all transactions and in essence, they insure the digital integrity of bitcoin.
There are quite a few mining companies out there. Most of them are located in Asia where bandwidth is high, and the cost of electricity is low. However, we have been witnessing the emergence of many European companies in the mining industry. The increased competition is however being welcomed by mining consumers across the world. This will reduce the cost of mining, as the competition grows.
Cloud mining
RDTR Capital’s mining operations will focus on cloud mining, which is an offshoot of mining with a twist. Cloud mining is when companies like Genesis and Hashflare develop datacenters and then sell a portion of their centers to consumers who benefit from what is mined. This method allows the common user to invest in mining without requiring any of the heavy equipment. Most individuals don’t have the space or the know how to create a mining rig. Furthermore, the electricity and bandwidth required can make it difficult to make profit. For this reason, RDTR Capital has entered the cloud mining industry. They will provide a much-needed service for consumers in Europe who can definitely benefit from obtaining bitcoin from mining with them.
We see a lot of potential in these British companies, and we feel that they can make a sizable impression on the cryptocurrency world. Granted with cryptocurrency still in its infant stage, many companies might struggle but we do believe that companies like RDTR Capital have the means and the technology to succeed in this industry. We will watch them closely in the future to see where they are in the next few years.

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