'Yellow jacket woman' revealed to be a former Crown Court judge as daughter says she was 'epic on Question Time'

The daughter of a Question Time audience member who was a hit with viewers for a no nonsense speech about Theresa May has praised her mum for her “epic” appearance.

Diana Good, who was referred to as the ‘The Woman in the Yellow Jacket’, attracted widespread acclaim on social media for her criticism of the way the Government has handled Brexit.

She was celebrated on social media after asking the panel: “Could we get over feeling sorry for Theresa May?”

It has been revealed Ms Good is a former litigation and investigations lawyer and used to work as a Crown Court judge.

Ms Good was a former senior litigation partner with Linklaters LLP global law firm and has worked in international development, access to justice and education.

Ms Good was widely praised on social media (BBC Question Time)

After Question Time’s airing, Ms Good was praised for “offering more progress and more insight” than the Prime Minister has in 31 months.

She said: “Two things. Firstly, could we get over feeling sorry for Theresa May? She is the woman who for many, many years has led the hostile environment for migrants in this country – which resulted in the Windrush generation, it’s a disgrace.

“’She’s the person who created her very specific red lines on immigration in the ECJ which have created the negotiation mess that we’re in. She triggered Article 50 when she had no plan.

“And as to criticising the EU on this, there are 27 other countries in the EU. They have been completely united on this. We do not even have a cabinet who can unite, and definitely a government that isn’t in control of the process.

“They are a body of rules and regulations and they are not going to break that when it’s the most successful single market in the world, and all round the world people want to do deals with the EU.

“We are going to lose all of that, and it is ridiculous for us with our hopeless government who cannot get it together, to actually work out what the will of the people is today in 2019 to blame the EU and to go around feeling sorry for Theresa May. I’m sorry.”

In a now-deleted Facebook post, her daughter Frances Good said: “When your mum goes viral on Twitter due to being epic on Question Time!

“Let’s get her into power! Haha…when you play board games with her, you’ll realise she ain’t worth messing with, haha.”

Ms Good’s rousing speech was praised by many, including Oxford University Politics Lecturer, Dr Jenifer Cassidy.

She wrote: “We will all remember when Fiona Bruce pointed to the audience and said: “Yes, the woman in the yellow jacket.” Yellow jacket woman made more progress, offering  more insights in 90 seconds, then Theresa May has done in 31 months.”

Kathy Sharpe said: “Love that woman in the yellow jacket is trending on #bbcqt, as a nation jumps off the sofa saying ‘YES…that!”

Another Twitter user wrote: “The most sense anyone in a yellow jacket has spoken this week…by light years…”

While Isabella Davidson said: “Make that woman on the yellow jacket PM. Hit the nail squarely on the head. She is fabulous.”

Thursday’s episode of Question Time saw broadcaster Ms Bruce make her hosting debut.

She took the helm after veteran host David Dimbleby stepped down in December. 

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